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Wow your buyers! 12 styling tips they’ll love

“Give your home the ‘wow’ factor!” We’ve all heard this advice from property experts, but what does it mean? And how do you do it? Most importantly, is it worth the time and effort it may cost you? All good questions, and the answers will be revealed in this article – so let’s dive in……Read More→

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How do estate agents value a unique home? Demystifying the process

We break down the exact process estate agents use to value unique homes.   Valuing unique homes is, well, unique. It’s not as straightforward as listing your typical three-bedroom home. There are a lot more factors to consider, from analysing recent data and current market conditions to taking into account stunning views, undeniably impressive architecture…Read More→


Successful downsizing – our step-by-step-guide

Are you thinking about downsizing – perhaps moving to a smaller home or apartment? Downsizing comes with many benefits, from less upkeep and lower energy bills and maintenance to a lower initial investment.   If you’ve lived in big homes for the last decade, perhaps entertaining guests or housing a large family, there are many…Read More→


Rent recovery – How to get back what you’re owed

As a landlord, you’ll almost certainly encounter rent arrears at some point. Whether a tenant’s just had a temporary dip in their income or they’re deliberately not paying, the big question is how to get back the money you’re owed. Well, you’re in luck! Our latest blog covers everything from your first contact with your…Read More→


Are you getting letting laws right? 7 common misconceptions

With hundreds of different regulations governing the lettings industry and changes regularly being made to legislation, it can be tricky for landlords to stay on top of their legal rights and responsibilities. But if you get these laws wrong, even unintentionally, you could face a fine or even be taken to court. Our latest blog…Read More→


Are you an accidental landlord? 7 Must-dos

‘Accidental landlords’ are people who have ended up letting a property through circumstance, rather than because they made a conscious decision to invest.   Is that you? If so, you’re certainly not alone because there are some pretty common life events that lead to people having a ‘spare’ property – for instance:   Moving in…Read More→


Keeping your tenants safe – Your legal obligations

As a landlord, you’ve got a legal obligation to keep your tenants safe while they’re living in your property. There are around 170 rules and regulations relating to letting, and many of them are to do with health and safety, so there’s a lot for you to know and understand about what measures you need…Read More→


Style Your Garden to Sell in 6 Easy Steps

What does your garden mean to you? For us, it can be summarised in three simple words: entertainment, enjoyment and peace. With it being such a pleasurable, versatile space, it’s no wonder several studies show that it’s within the top three priorities for a potential buyer. Surrounding your house at both front and back, it’s…Read More→


New year, new investment – but where should you buy?

If you’re thinking of making a new buy-to-let investment this year, you may be wondering if there are any particular types of property or ‘hotspots’ you should be considering – locations where prices are predicted to rise quickly and where rental returns are well above average.   Of course, every investor would love great capital…Read More→


New year, new move

The new year encourages many of us to make positive changes in our lives. A popular choice is pledging to do more exercise, while some people might decide to learn a new skill. But if you were one of the many sellers who put their home on the market last year and you haven’t yet…Read More→


Property inventories – All you need to know

An inventory lists and describes the contents and condition of everything in a property – from the paint on the walls to the cutlery in a kitchen drawer. It’s put together before a tenancy starts and then used to compare the contents and condition of everything at the end of the tenancy, so you can…Read More→


7 Tips to sell your home in winter

If you’re ready to move, you might be wondering whether to put your home on the market now or wait until the spring. Well, although winter may traditionally be a quieter time for home-moving than spring and summer, the market is still very much open for business and selling your home in this colder season…Read More→


Essential steps to assess your rental yield

As a landlord, it’s important to be able to assess whether a property is likely to be a good investment before you buy it. Then, once your property’s rented out, it’s helpful if you can check periodically to make sure the basic rental return is keeping up with – and hopefully beating! – the average…Read More→

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Remortgaging your rental property

As a landlord, you might own your property outright or you may have a buy to let mortgage. If you do currently have borrowing, that could be because you didn’t have enough capital available to buy without a mortgage, or perhaps you chose to leverage your investment to improve returns.   Whatever your position –…Read More→


Summer selling for an autumn move

Summer is a great time of year to sell your home. With bright, sunny days, gardens at their greenest and flowers blooming, your marketing photos will look fabulous! More daylight hours and generally better weather than at other times of year give people much more opportunity to view your home at its best and brightest….Read More→


Unfurnished vs furnished properties explained

 Whenever landlords have a rental property to prepare for the market, one decision they have to make is whether to let it furnished or unfurnished. If you’re in that position right now, two questions you might be asking are: ‘Do I want the bother of furnishing it?’ and ‘Will paying for furnishing be worth the…Read More→


Landlords – how to protect your rental income

  For many landlords, rental income provides a valuable boost to their other earnings or pension. For some, it may even be their only income, while others might mainly use it to cover the cost of the mortgage and other expenses, as they wait for growth in the capital value. And some people use their…Read More→


6 Simple steps to prepare your home for viewings

We know from experience that the better your home looks and feels when potential buyers come to view, the more likely you are to get an asking price offer. For many people, the decision about whether to buy a home is an emotional one, and we’ve found that, more often than not, they make that…Read More→


Accidental landlord? What you need to know

Some people are landlords because they’ve made a deliberate decision to buy property and rent it out. They’re part of the buy-to-let crowd, who’ve chosen to use property as an investment vehicle to grow their wealth.   However, there’s another group of landlords that more and more people are joining: those who’ve ended up letting…Read More→


Perfect presentation attracts perfect tenants

Most tenants today aren’t looking for temporary digs, they’re looking for a home. And as the lettings market has grown, standards have gone up. So what does your property need to offer to make sure the best tenants are falling over each other to rent it?   The answer’s easy: find out what they expect…Read More→


Unique homes – how we value them accurately

As estate agents, valuing homes accurately is at the core of our business. We’ve got to price them at a level that attracts enough attention from buyers, while achieving the maximum sale price for our clients, and sometimes it’s a challenge – particularly when there’s not much to compare them to.   We value homes…Read More→


What does a letting agent actually do?

You’ve found and bought a property; perhaps you’ve upgraded or even refurbished it. You’ve no doubt spent time, effort and money on it.   All you need now is a tenant. Preferably one who will pay the rent on time, look after your property and stay for a while.   It’s tempting to wonder if…Read More→


Our top home styling accessories for 2021

It’s a new year – time to give your home a whole new look? If you’re selling your home, or planning to, our top home styling accessories for 2021 may help you make the right decisions to give your home a mini-makeover without breaking the bank. And, now that the majority of us are ‘locked…Read More→


Building a successful, sustainable letting portfolio

  Are you looking to invest in your future during this lockdown period? Could the current situation in the UK give you the time to expand your own property portfolio? You may find it the perfect time to research the best way to invest your hard-earned cash. Perhaps you’ve found what you think to be…Read More→


What to do if your tenant…

In last month’s blog, we talked about finding the perfect tenant for your property. Finding that gem of a tenant is the key to peace of mind as a landlord, but once they are in situ, things will run from strength to strength. Once we find them, we need to know how to manage certain…Read More→


Winter viewing? How to make yours a success

We all dream of a white winter wonderland. A thick layer of snowy icing on the lawn, roaring fires, candlelit windows, movie afternoons wrapped in thick, downy duvets. The spicy scent of mulled wine drifting in from the kitchen. If your home is on the market and winter is on the horizon, you couldn’t hope…Read More→


Seven reasons to sell in September

In the blink of an eye, the trees are dappled in burnished reds and golds. That first waft of coal fire smoke garnishes the dusky sky. Dust off your autumn boots and dig out your gloves…September is here.   Summer brought with it the UK’s busiest month of house sales in a decade. Everyone agrees,…Read More→

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Do I need a letting agent? 6 reasons why you might…

Did you know that a third of the properties in the UK are rentals? And a large proportion of those are managed by individuals, not agencies? If you’ve inherited a house, or you’ve moved out of a flat but still own it, it’s more profitable to manage that property rental yourself, right? Well, yes… and…Read More→


 6 1/2 Simple styling secrets

TO MAKE A BUYER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME You know your home looks good. You’ve chosen your estate agent, the photographer’s booked and you’re ready to launch. But is there something missing….? Let us help you transform your home from ‘market ready’ to ‘market ravishing’ with our home styling tips. So, what is…Read More→

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Preparing to sell your home – get ready to move

  With the property market showing some signs of re-opening, now is the time to get ready to make sure you’re prepared for selling your home, and moving on.   Over the past few weeks, house viewings have not been possible. But don’t worry – your estate agent will have been taking registrations of interest…Read More→


Selling your home in an uncertain time

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW   Are you buying or selling a home right now? Or planning to? Feeling concerned and anxious about what’s going to happen with the housing market over the coming months?   Maybe you’re feeling uncertain about what you should be doing and wondering what you can do to…Read More→


Floorplans – How they can help sell your home

You wouldn’t set off on a road trip without a map. So why start the next stage of your life’s journey without the homebuyer’s equivalent?   Let’s talk floorplans.   It’s no secret that floorplans have long been one of the key ‘must-have’ aspects for those searching for a new home.   A Rightmove study…Read More→


Springtime selling – 9 Tips to get you moving

After a winter of short, dark days sitting on the sofa working their way through the bottomless tub of Christmas ‘Celebrations’, home-hunters are hungry for a change.   Spring is on the horizon, the most salient time of year for house sales. With this in mind, our London Executive team has put together a selection…Read More→


Create first impressions that last

Seven seconds.   That’s all the time you have in which to make a good first impression. During that brief timeframe, we create an indelible impression of ourselves.   Alright, so that research is person-centred. But fortunately for people, we can rectify a bad first impression with meaningful conversation, gratitude and compliments on the second…Read More→

5 Top tips for winter selling

5 Top tips for winter selling

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat…you won’t sell your house while it looks like that!   While the whimsy of festive folk songs may conjure images of capering ruddy-cheeked children, of twinkling tree lights framed behind snow-frosted latticework and of plump, steaming turkey breasts, dripping in trimmings and set on grand dining tables…Read More→


Home styling for summer

The sun is shining, the grass is green and the scent of wanderlust is in the air.   If you’ve chosen summer as the season to move home, we’ve compiled a bucket (and spade) list of top tips to help get your home ‘beach body’ styled for the market.   Sizzling barbecues, borders buzzing with…Read More→

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Successful downsizing – our complete guide

If you’re now or soon to be an empty nester, why waste money on space you don’t need? If it’s just you and your other half now, or perhaps just you, why not downsize to a smaller home or apartment to save not only on your mortgage but also on utilities, repairs, cleaning time, and…Read More→


Dress your home to impress your viewers

When your house is for sale, it’s exciting to get a viewing booked. After all, that viewer could become a buyer! It’s important then to make sure your house is looking its absolute best and dressed to impress, so we’ve created a three-step guide to make it easy for you to get the important things…Read More→

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How to choose the right estate agent to sell your home

  So you’ve boxed up a whole load of clutter, you’ve fixed that annoying dripping tap and buffed and polished your home. Well done! Now comes what for some sellers feels like a really challenging task: choosing your estate agent.   Most sellers invite three estate agents to give them an expert valuation, and discuss…Read More→


How to make sure your photos look fabulous  

In a world where you can pick your spouse-to-be from a directory of online photos at the swipe of a finger, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.   If seconds count when dressing to impress on dating apps; microseconds count when it comes to wooing a potential buyer on Rightmove.  …Read More→

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Should I accept the first offer I have received?

I want to share with you a question I have been hearing from my clients the last couple of weeks – “Should I accept my first offer Georges?” In the first scenario it was Despina who advised me that she had received an offer on her property whilst her property was not for sale –…Read More→

What does ATED stand for? What is ATED?

Does your company own UK residential property valued at £500,000 or more? You could be subject to ATED and time is running out for submitting your return. We are very busy answering back to all queries from our clients and their accountants for their ATED position and time is running out as an annual return…Read More→

Should I rent my home out if I can’t sell?

I recently met a gentleman from Switzerland who owns a beautiful property in Notting Hill and he has been struggling to sell their property with an agent for the last year. Having reviewed the presentation, price and promotion on the property, we both came to the conclusion that it was the price and promotion that…Read More→