Property Management

London Executive offers a comprehensive property management service for landlords

Once your new tenant is in their new home, we will manage it for you.

The first of many special moments start when your tenant moves in. We'll meet them in person at the property and show them around their new home. We'll explain how each appliance works (washing machine/dryers, boiler, cooker, oven, audio-visual equipment, etc.), advise them on rubbish collections, and point them in the direction of the local shops.

We also provide a welcome home-move box with all the essentials, as well as advice on who to call during a maintenance event.

Day-to-day issues of maintenance, key holding, rent collection, and dealing with any problems that may arise (including 24-hour emergencies) is our concern, not yours. 

Our goal is to ensure that your property investment is well-managed while keeping your tenant is happy.  

Happy tenants renew their tenancies and extend their stay!


During the tenancy, we will arrange to inspect your property every three months to ensure that everything is in working order and that there are no unknown issues.

We'll confirm that the occupiers are those named in the contract and the condition of the property matches the check-in inventory. We'll also take photographs and videos to include in your written report along with any recommendations.


Rent Collection

We manage the collection of rent from the tenant, and in the unlikely event of a delay in the payment (or missing payment), we will contact them immediately to rectify the situation.


Service of Notice

It is imperative to serve notice on your tenant in the correct form and on time. If you don't, you may not be able to regain possession of your property on the date you desire. When we manage your property, we will ensure that all relevant legislation is complied with, thus giving you complete peace of mind.


Emergency Works & 24 Hour Contact

We're available 24 hours a day and will oversee all minor and emergency repairs.

We'll contact our panel of tried-and-tested contractors and, where possible, obtain more than one quote, to ensure you're getting the best value for money. Alternatively, if you've used contractors in the past, who have the advantage of knowing your property inside out, we are more than happy to contact them.



Once the tenant has vacated your property, we will employ a professional cleaning company to carry out a complete and thorough deep-clean. If we don't manage your property, we can still arrange pre- and post-tenancy cleaning, and would be happy to provide a quote.



Towards the end of the initial fixed term, we’ll contact both you and the tenant to discuss if both parties are keen to renew the agreement. At this point, we will review the rent and advise if current market conditions require any adjustment to the monthly income.