Bespoke Home Marketing – What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Bespoke Home Marketing – What Is It and Why Do You Need It? Don’t settle for traditional marketing – choose a bespoke approach and show your home the attention it deserves.   When you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you’ll likely see and hear the majority of estate agents pushing to list…Read More→


How do estate agents value a unique home? Demystifying the process

We break down the exact process estate agents use to value unique homes. Valuing unique homes is, well, unique. It’s not as straightforward as listing your typical three-bedroom home. There are a lot more factors to consider, from analysing recent data and current market conditions to taking into account stunning views, undeniably impressive architecture and…Read More→

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Successful downsizing – our step-by-step-guide

Are you thinking about downsizing – perhaps moving to a smaller home or apartment? Downsizing comes with many benefits, from less upkeep and lower energy bills and maintenance to a lower initial investment.   If you’ve lived in big homes for the last decade, perhaps entertaining guests or housing a large family, there are many…Read More→

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How saleable is your home? Take our saleability quiz and find out!

Saleability. It can sound like a daunting word to many. Who wants to hear that your home might take time to sell? Or you might have come to that conclusion by yourself because your mother-in-law made a comment 5 years ago that you could have bought in a better area. But have you really considered…Read More→


How to prepare for viewings so buyers fall in love with your home

Setting the scene with a bit of preparation prior to a viewing is essential for charming potential buyers into falling for your home. And that’s where our top 7 tips come in to help!   So, you’ve got the ball rolling with the house on the market, and your first viewing is booked in –…Read More→


8 Ways to Work with your Estate Agent for the Best Results

So, you’ve picked out your estate agent to help sell your home, but what’s the next step? While for the most part, the baton is now with the agent, who’s responsible for keeping the progress of the sale on track, there are still some things you can do to achieve the very best desired outcome…Read More→


Should I sell my home now? How the current shortage affects your home’s price 

2021 was a tremendous year for home price growth in the UK – the strongest since the mid-2000s – with many areas and types of home seeing values increase by double-figure percentages. This means a house bought for £500,000 only two years ago could be worth up to £600,000 today!   The huge imbalance between…Read More→


How saleable is your home? Try our saleability scorecard and see

Selling a home might not be an exact science, but there are a number of factors that will make a huge difference to how successful your sale will be.   Our experience has shown us that homes that sell quickly and for a good price tend to have certain key things in common, so we’ve…Read More→